Thursday, May 5, 2011

Easter Fun and Some Good News!

This is the girls on Easter Sunday.

Hailey found the golden egg!

After finding all the eggs.

The kids got Pillow Pets this year. They were really sad when Santa didn't bring them any at Christmas, so I guess the Easter Bunny gave in!

Dying Easter eggs on Saturday.

A friend of ours held an Easter Egg hunt at her house on Saturday. We went and had fun playing the games. This is Hailey in a 3-legged race.

I'm helping Sophie.

Hailey after the hunt.

Cory winning the sack race.

Sophie collecting her eggs.

Sophie doing silly poses for the camera.

Sometimes she's just too cute!

Hailey kept practicing different poses for me.

I discovered this the other day when I went in Cory's room to turn out his light. He had fallen asleep reading his scriptures. I guess we must be doing something right!

Our family on Easter Sunday. The reason the picture is off-centered is because we set our camera timer and put it on the fireplace. We were a little off and we were late to church, so we were out of tries!

Cory with his teamates after a game a couple Saturdays ago. Trent is coaching his soccer team this year. Cory really loves playing soccer.

Cory dribbling the ball.

Sophie smiling at daddy while I'm taking a picture. She finally let me put two pigtails in her hair with ALL the hair up! She had two adorable ringlets.

Now that all the fun pictures are posted, I can tell about our good news. After 16 months of either being unemployed, part-time employed, and then a temporary employment, Trent has landed a great, full-time, full-benefits REAL job! It's his first REAL job since graduating from college. (Real, meaning, it pays more than jobs you can make while you're still IN college or just have a bachelor's degree.) It's with Parexel, the company's he's been with since last June. But now he'll be paid by Parexel instead of the temp agency. And he'll get holiday pay and vacation days and medical benefits and all that great stuff that we've sorely missed the last while. Now we will be able to stay in San Diego once he graduates this December because we will actually be able to afford to live here. (Well, almost.) Our student loans won't be coming in anymore in a few months, and so this job couldn't have come at a better time. His new position is called a Clinical Trials Specialist. (His current position has been doing something with managing the records.) So this is definitely a step up and a big blessing for us.


  1. That is great news for you guys!!!! I know that this has been long coming and you all deserve it! So glad Trent will finally be doing what he has wanted to do for so long:P We miss you guys and hope we can meet up again sometime soon! Now that you will be staying in San Diego you will still be close enough to come visit us!!!!

  2. Fun pictures! And we are SOOOOO happy about your job news! What a relief to finally be doing what you want to do. Can't wait to see you guys!

  3. Great pictures! And yea for the job!! That sure will be nice!