Saturday, November 12, 2011

Halloween Fun

This is Hailey at her preschool class as a peer helper. The teachers have told me a couple different times that Hailey is the perfect peer model and is so helpful and kind to her classmates.

This is Hailey after trick-or-treating. She was just too worn out to smile anymore--we went all over our neighborhood (which includes lots of hills!) for two hours.

Sophie with all her loot.
Cory still had energy to smile

Sophie before we left for trick-or-treating being her usual silly self.

Hailey was a bride and Sophie was Cinderella. They were very eager for me to put make-up on them!

Cory was a skeleton.

We spent a couple of hours carving these pumpkins. I can't wait until the kids are a little older to do this project themselves!!

Cory wore his costume to school that Friday before Halloween. I had fun painting his face.
He's not mad, I just told him to look mean.

This was at Legoland's Halloween "Brick or Treat" that we went to a couple weeks before Halloween. Sophie is kissing the little Legoland Frankenstein. Not sure why!

Lego Darth Vader.

These are various scenes fromthe 6 Star Wars Movies--all out of Legos!

Cory really likes that Milennium Falcon.

Cory and Sophie at Legoland's Brick or Treat.

This was in mid-October when we went to the beach to take some informal surfing lessons from a guy we know. It was too cloudy for the kids to want to get in the water, but they sure wanted to be buried in the sand!

I love this one! We even buried Cory's ears!

Trent and I with our surfboards. I only attempted to go out twice--it pretty much ripped me apart out there. Trent was braver and went out three times for a bit longer.

Mom and Dad and Annette were with us at the beach that day because they were visiting that weekend to go to my San Diego Mormon Choir concert.

At the Escondido, Center for the Arts after my San Diego Mormon Choir Concert with Trent, me, Annette, Mom, and Dad. I loved singing with this choir!! I'll join them again in the spring for our next concert where our special guest will be Sally DeFord and we'll be performing her favorite arrangements.