Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Birthday and kids outside

The kids lately have been playing "Traffic" on our driveway. So we drew some roads and sidewalks and Cory always has to be the cop. Right now he's giving Sophie a ticket for speeding.

Cory is the cop, and he's warning them of a stoplight they missed.

Sophie loves to ride her bike outside.

Hailey on her scooter.

This is what happened when I left the other night to go to the gym, and I left some cupcakes on the edge of the counter. Trent, who doesn't do the laundry, thought it was hilarious.

Last week we went with some of Cory's friends to the beach when it was really low tide to look at some tidepools after school. They had so much fun!

Cory found a really big crab in this little crevice, he hung out here for quite a while hoping he could catch him in his pail. (And then of course return it before we left.) I'm sure we could be sent to lifetime in prison in California for taking a creature of the wild out of it's natural habitat.

Cory did find this hermit crab.

A view of some of the tidepools.

Sophie just wanted me to take her picture one day while she was playing cars, so I did!

Me with my three kids, on my 32nd birthday!