Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun Monday

Well, we have been having fun so far this summer. I should say that Karen and the kids have been having fun. Because of my work schedule, I haven't been included in many of the fun things until yesterday. For our Sunday/Monday/Tuesday family activity (our church was cancelled because of the swine flu so have split our Family Home Evening up over the last few days) we decided to go bowling. Let's take a picture chronicle of the days events.

Karen starts us out in a cute little green polo, capris, socks and very fashionable shoes. She looks so adorable. Cory took this picture and Karen will hate that I put it up, but that is OK. Afterall, making up is so much fun.

Next we check in with Cory and Hailey in their bowling adventures. Cory bowled his first strike and Hailey bowled a couple of spares. They both did really well.

Cory and Hailey were having so much fun they started dancing/singing to the music. (well Hailey did at least)

Sophie was really good. She looks so cute in her car seat sitting and watching all of the action.

We had so much fun we forgot all about changing Hailey's wet diaper. Check out the huge bulging diaper in this shot.

After bowling we decided that we were hungry (it was 6:00 after all) so we made the sacrifice to go to Texas Roadhouse Grill. While we were there, I was such a proud dad. Cory looked over the kids menu and decided to order the kids steak and proceeded to eat the entire portion. Sophie also decided to get in on the steak action and tried some of my sirloin. (we just skipped the cereal and baby food stage and went straight to adult food)

We had to hurry out of the restaurant and made it to the park just in time for Cory's baseball game. He did really well. I think the favorite part for the kids is trying to tag the runners as they come into home plate.

That ended our exciting day. It was alot of fun to spend time as a family. For one last bit of information, Hailey had her first official haircut today. She sat so still and was really good the whole time. Karen cut 2 inches off of the back to even up the length of all the hair. Hailey looks really cute (well, I guess she always looks adorable no matter what.) I love how her blond hair blends in with the wall.