Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Fun

 Another trip to Legoland. Hailey and Cory with a a Darth Vader Lego Guy!  Our passes expire this July, so we have to make it worth it!
 Cory and Hailey with Obi Wan Kenobi at Legoland.
 Cory found some storm troopers!  It was Star Wars Days at Legoland.  That's why we braved the cold.
 Sophie is finally three! (Old enough to ride these cars alone!)

 It was cloudy and in the low 60's, so we were chilly!  It even started drizzling a few times.
 Cory with his first Pinewood Derby car (and his friend.)  His car raced about 6 or 7 times before it lost.  He did pretty well for his first year!
 Karen and kids for her 32nd birthday.  Trent made me an awesome German Chocolate cake from scratch!  I got new jeans and a purse!
 Cory on his opening day of Little League baseball!  He's on the Braves.

The girls in our frontyard.
 Sophie's on the far left, then Hailey's in the pink shirt, Cory's in the royal blue shirt.  With friends at a park.
 Sophie was excited for our community egg hunt!
 Hailey wasn't so excited.  (She didn't find an egg with a star on it.  A star meant you won a special prize.)  This is classic Hailey pouty face.  It is a very powerful tool in our house.  And she knows it.
 The kids loved dying the Easter eggs.

 Our Easter feast:  Ham, twice-baked potatoes, a zucchini dish with scrambed egg, deviled eggs, and rolls.
 My parents came to visit us for the weekend of April 13.  They came to my San Diego Mormon Choir concert. 
 Cory's elementary school had a 5k race on Saturday morning.  We all did it!  (Well, Sophie rode in the stroller with grandma and grandma Goodman pushing her.)  My time was 26:20.  Not my best, but certainly not my worst either!  I was the 2nd female over 18 to finish. 
 Grandpa Goodman with Hailey, me, and Cory at the tidepools at Point Loma, CA.

 Grandpa Goodman at the tidepools.
 Grandma was very brave to explore with us!
 Cory-8 years old.
 It had been raining all the previous day and it was quite windy, which means--beautiful sky!
 Overlooking the San Diego Bay.
 Sophie standing in front of her flower pots.  We had just planted seeds and Trent had just planted his "pot garden."  (You can see one of the pots on the left.)  He planted peas, tomatoes, little green onions, cucumbers, and zucchini.)
 Us at Cabrillo National Monumnet in San Diego.
 It's 3 generational game time on Sunday afternoon.  They were playing Loopin' Louie.
 The girls were playing nursery with their dollies an this is snack time.
 Sophie's hair.  One of the new bows I had just made.  (She wanted me to take this picture.)
 Sophie's 3rd Birthday!

 Sophie dancing for us.
 The girls got new outfits and kept wanting to pose for us.  It was really cute!

 We stayed at the Hyatt Manchester in downtown San Diego for one night.  Trent had a work meeting and we got to stay for free. 
 Th pool with the city in the background.
 Cory holding Sophie and Hailey in the hot tub.
 Our view from our hotel room.  We were on the 21st floor.
 We're peeking from behind the surfboards.  This is up on the pool deck.
 Another view of the city from our hotel room.
 We went to Seaport Village the next day with the kids.  Lots of touristy shops and places to eat right on the San Diego Harbor.

 This guy was there balancing rocks.  Those are not glued together in any way!  We saw him do one of these stacks.  It was amazing!

                                               The girls with buns in their hair.
Cory holding his first Pinewood Derby car.
One day last week we spent over an hour hand washing the doll clothes, some of the doll toys, toy purses, and even the dollies themselves.  I couldn't believe how brown the water would get, and then we'd drain it and get fresh water.  Everything dried in the sun and then we had brand-new looking toys again!