Saturday, February 26, 2011

Latest Happenings and TWO Birthdays

This is Sophie on her 2nd Birthday. She was helping do dishes.

The picture below is Hailey at the San Diego Botanical Gardens. We went there for a Preschool fieldtrip in February.

This is Hailey, a preschool friend, and Sophie at the San Diego Botanical Gardens. They're in front of the bamboo forest.

Hailey and Sophie at the Botanical Gardens. It was so beautiful!

Sophie's 2nd Birthday. She LOVES Elmo, so an Elmo cake we did.

Sophie is TWO!

Our chuch time was changed to 1:00-4:00, so poor Sophie misses her naps each Sunday. She comes home extremely cranky and tired and usually thrashes and runs around the house screaming until we can get her to calm down and go to sleep. This is when Trent nearly fell asleep from dealing with her for a while in Cory's bedroom. luckily, SHE fell asleep!

Our little Sophie and a crazy hairdo! We love her curls!

She thought her hair was pretty funny, too!

This is Adam, Hailey's cousin. They came to visit us in mid-January, and we went to the beach in Del Mar. So much fun!

Hailey and Adam are so much alike, it's more like their siblings than cousins.

Caleb (cousin) with Cory at Del Mar Beach.

Hailey showing her hair after she wanted me to put curlers in it overnight. The curls lasted almost the entire day--which for her hair, is a long time!

Hailey showing me some of her gifts from her friends' birthday party in early January.

Hailey's birthday party.

Hailey's tiara pinata for her 4th birthday.

Hailey with her Disney Princess cake for her 4th Birthday. She sure loved it!

We went to Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego (Point Loma) in January. Such beautiful views of the city on one side of the peninsual and the ocean on the other side.

Cory posing for me over the Pacific Ocean.

Trent at Cabrillo National Monument overlooking the ocean.

We were pretty close to the ledge overlooking the ocean. But it wasn't a huge dropoff like it seems. I wanted it to look like we were standing over the water.

Sophie in a cute dress after church one Sunday.

Hailey after her family birthday party on New Years Eve.

Sophie with her new shopping cart from Santa for Christmas.

Hailey with her Christmas presents.

The kids on Christmas morning 2010.

Hailey kissing Sophie.