Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Big Move and recent events

We moved from this.......

and this.....


This is the view of the sunset from our driveway.
We're kind of up on a hill, so we've had some incredible sunsets so far.

Five days after we moved there. Yes, it really was Jan. 2
And the kids were getting in the water.

Sophie LOVES to eat sand! Yeah! She loves to crawl straight out to the water too.
The next time we went to the beach, we were smart enough to bring her
bathing suit.

Hailey fell all the way in the water shortly after this picture was taken.

Good thing we brought a change of clothes!

It was about 72 degrees this day.

We went to the San Diego Zoo last Saturday. (Totally free because of Trent's cousin's family.)
Well, I took the kids to the zoo with Julie and her 2 little kids. Trent got to go sailing on the ocean with Ryan.

Cory lost his first tooth on Monday, Jan. 18. He was so excited!

Now we're going backwards in time--this is the awesome Barbie cake that Lisa (Trent's sister) made for Hailey's 3rd birthday. Thanks again Lisa!

All the Halterman side cousins.

Some of Hailey's Christmas presents.

Cory's Christmas presents.

Hailey with her doll house and wearing her tutu.

Sophie on Christmas morning.

The Nativity Skit at Shaw's house in December.

Sophie taking her first steps in December.

Sophie with her cousin, Chloe Goodman.

Hailey's actual birthday of New Year's Eve.

Skipping back to her birthday with the Halterman side.

Don't ask her to do something she doesn't WANT to do!!

Trent put curlers in her hair one day after baths--it was so cute! (She's wearing Cory's old Diego pajamas--at her insistance!)

Cory with cousins, Matthew and Andy Sorbe at Thanksgiving in Arizona.

Cory's 6th birthday party back in Utah with some friends from school and cousins Mason and Joseph.

Another birthday party for Cory with the Halterman side.

Cory with his tiger cake that Lisa made.