Sunday, February 12, 2012

Christmas and Birthdays

Hailey's 5th Birthday party!

Cory was my assistant during Hailey's 5th birthday party.
Playing Duck, Duck, Goose
Hailey wanted a Barbie cake, so I made this.
Taking a bath in Grandpa's big bathtub during our vacation!

Hailey's present from us for her 5th birthday.
This was Hailey's cake I made for our family party, which was actually on her birthday--on New Year's Eve!

This is Annette, Christy, Stephanie, and me celebrating my sister, Stephanie's Surprise 40th birthday party at my parent's house in Gilbert, AZ over the winter break. We all dressed in 70's clothes since she was born in 1971.

Our 70's clothes. Trent is wearing a tie my dad actually wore during the 70's and I am wearing a dress (a house dress type thing) that my mom wore during the 70's.

A bunch of the cousins at my parents house in AZ over the holiday.

Hailey with her cousin at a hike in some mountains south of Phoenix.

The kids on Christmas Eve showing us their new pajamas.

These pictures are really out of order! These are at my sisters surprise birthday party again.

This is our family soccer game. Everyone pictured here played at one time or another for over an hour. It was pretty intense, but very fun!

One of the activities at my parent's house was making headbands from a kit. This is two of our cousins, Rachel and Rebecca, with Hailey and Sophie modeling their headbands.

This is Hailey accepting an award from preschool right before Christmas.

I helped the kids make his igloo made out of cocoa rice crispies. They had fun!
Our family for Cory's baptsim.

Cory (and Sophie) with his Chargers football cake he wanted me to make for his 8th birthday party. We invited several boys and they just played football and soccer at a park the whole time. It was great!

Our family at SeaWorld for their Christmas celebration. Our passes expired the end of the month, so it will be quite some time before we go back!

Sophie with me visiting Hailey's preschool class and making a Christmas craft together.

This picture was actually put on the front page of our local newspaper! The girls are all dressed up because it was right after Hailey's tap dance recital at the local rec center. Afterwards, they had a breakfast, plus Santa with treats to give away. Sophie and Hailey are with their friend, Brooke.

Sophie with her Christmas presents.

Cory with a Christmas present.

Hailey on the morning of her tap dance recital.