Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Cory looking for Easter eggs around the house.

Sophie on Easter morning.

Hailey looking for eggs.

Don't you love Hailey's Diego pajamas? She is so girly and everything has to be pink or purple--except when it comes to wearing Cory's old pajamas. She loves these.

Cory at the nearby rec center's Easter Egg hunt on Saturday morning.

Sophie really understood that she needed to pick up those eggs! The kids had been having mock Easter egg hunts at our house all week, so she had good practice!

This is the kids before the egg hunt. (Hence the not too happy faces.)

March Fun

This is at the Mormon Battalion Museum in Old Town San Diego. I (Karen) was at work when the rest of them went there. My parents came to visit for my dad's 70th birthday. My sister, Annette, came too with her 3 boys. (Her husband, Frank, is deployed in Afghanistan right now and so she's living with my parents in AZ.)

This is Hailey's very excited face about seeing the walrus at Sea World.

Sophie still likes to get the sand a little too close to her mouth. This is at La Jolla Shores beach. March 17, 2009

Cory and his cousin, Caleb Bigelow at the beach.

These dolphins were out in the water. We had never seen them in the wild like this before. It was pretty neat.

All of us that went to Sea World. Yes, even Grandpa went down this water roller coaster ride with us called "Journey to Atlantis." Annette and Caleb were in the front seat, so they got pretty soaked! Grandma stayed behind with 4 children under the age of 3. I'd say she's the brave one!

Sophie (13 mos.) just chillin in a big 'ole rocking chair.