Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Baby Photos

Here are some photos I promised. I hope you enjoy them.

This is how bruised Sophie was after she was born. She is so much better today.

The proof is in the scale. I still can't believe how big she is.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Arrived

So 12 hours after Karen's rant, the contractions started. Of course, this put it at 1:00 AM when the contractions started. About 3:00 AM Karen decided it was time to go to the hospital so we called her sister to watch the kids and set out on our journey. We go to the hospital shortly after 4:00 AM and they checked Karen. They weren't sure she was truely in labor. So they had us wait and walk for a couple of hours. By 7 AM they decided that if they sent her home, she would just be back in a few hours so they admitted her. By 8 she had the epidural in place and was happy as can be. Around 11 AM, she was almost dilated to a 5 and her contractions had stopped. By this time, the doctor had broken her water so there was no choice but to give her the pitocin IV. At noon she was finally to a 5 and at 12:15 Karen felt like she had to push. She called the nurse at 12:20 and the nurse said she was complete. So in 20 minutes she dilated from a 5 to a 10. WOW!! Anyway, by 12:40 the baby was born. Since she came down the birth canal so fast, she was a little stressed. Her heart rate dropped to about 60 and they wisked her away to the fetal area of the suite. After a minute or so, the baby started to cry and everything was just fine (other than her black and purple head from all of the bruising.) Anyway, in true Karen fashion, the baby weighed 10 lbs 1 ounce and was "officially" 21.5 inches long. The nurse that measured her kept coming up with 22 inches but thought it was wrong so she kept measuring. Of course the baby also had a huge head. We named her Sophie Halterman. I think she is adorable (bruised head, alien features and all.)

Anyway, I am working on about 4 hours of sleep and can no longer think. I'm sure we will post again, next time with pictures.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Still NO BABY!

Well, here we are one week before the due date, and I am having no contractions at all. (Well, I've had some off and on all week, but nothing regular.) Some of you may be wondering why I am complaining if I am still just 39 weeks. Well, Cory was born 8 days early and Hailey was born 14 days early. So, surely, my third baby should be born before now, RIGHT?!?! As far as I'm concerned, this one is LATE.

Luckily, at my doctor's appointment yesterday, he said we could induce me on Tuesday, Feb 10. He tried calling LDS Hospital, where I'll be delivering, but they were pretty busy on Tuesday and couldn't actually schedule a time. They will call me Monday with what time to come in on Tuesday, otherwise, I might have to wait until Wednesday. YUCK! Okay, so 3 more days of this...I can do it. I'm also nervous to go this long because even with Cory being 8 days early, he still weighed 9 lbs. 12 oz. and with Hailey being 14 days early, weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. My doctor said he thinks this one will be somewhere in the middle. I certainly hope so and that she won't be bigger than Cory. I don't think I could push her out if she is any bigger than Cory!

The other annoying thing is I've been dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced for the last week as well. The doctor said her head is low and everything looks really ready. Well, tell that to my body that doesn't want to respond!! We've tried all the home inducement things we know and nothing's worked so far. If anyone has any other ideas besides walking backwards, eating a whole pineapple, doing accupressure on the hands, or sex, please let me know!