Thursday, January 15, 2009

Pictures from Christmas and Hailey's Birthday

This is my brother, Eric, with his new wife, Melodie. He met her online (his wife died 2 years ago), and they married in the AZ temple in December. She didn't have any kids before, and now she gets five!
This is Cory and Hailey at the AZ Temple in December. We were there for my brother's wedding.

This is Hailey showing off her new dress-up shoes she got for her 2nd birthday!

This is Hailey and her pink birthday cake. She turned 2 on Dec. 31.

Hailey is showing off her cool new sunglasses and purse she got for her birthday.

This is Hailey and Cory with their Shaw cousins at my parents house in Arizona performing the Lion King numbers they did for our Stake Broadway play we did in November.

This is Cory and Hailey on Christmas morning. Hailey got everything related to dolls.

This is Cory and his new pirate ship he got from Santa.

This is Cory and Hailey acting out the Nativity at my extended family's Christmas party in AZ. Hailey was an angel and Cory was a shepherd.

This is Hailey calmly eating dinner with a huge piece of lettuce stuck to her forehead. She didn't know it was there and thought we were just taking pictures of her for fun. It was pretty funny!

This is one of my good friends from growing up and a roommate of mine at BYU, Chrissy. She came to visit me. We had to both show off our pregnant bellies. She was about 4 or 5 months along. I was 7 months.

This is the kids playing in the snow in Layton. Love the rosie cheeks!