Wednesday, July 23, 2008

We Have A Bike Rider

The funniest thing happened this weekend while we were at Karen's family reunion. All of the adults were inside preparing for Extreme Broadway while all of the children were happily playing outside. Cory comes running inside and yells, "Mom, come see something cool." Karen walks out to see what is going on and Cory took off on his cousin's 12" bike. We have only practiced a couple of times about 2 months ago and he was totally freaked out. Now he is doing really well. Since his bike is broken, he had to use a neighbors bike when we got home today. The seat is a little high, but he was doing really well. We finally had the opportunity to film him today, so I will post the video of him.


  1. Way to go Cory! He looks like a pro already.

  2. That is awesome guys! Isn't that funny that is the same way it happened with Weston, I have yet to post it, but I will! He was scared to do it on his 16 inch but when we moved here he just picked it up, now he rides with the girls all the time! It is so much fun! Congrats Cory, Weston thinks you are so cool:)