Thursday, July 24, 2008

Family Pictures

We recently took family pictures. I think our kids are SOOOO adorable. Both the kids did really well. Hailey was finished taking pictures by the time it was her turn, but for the family and kids pictures she was really good. Just follow this link to see the entire photo shoot. I'll post some of our favorites here. Enjoy the pictures. All of the pictures were low res to protect copyright. The actual pictures are so much better.

Cory and Hailey were so cute together. We really liked this collage that the worker convinced Karen to buy. If our kids weren't so cute, it wouldn't have been worth the $20 price tag.

Cory was really excited to get his treat. The only way we get such cute smiles from him is by bribing him with some type of treat. This photo shoot only cost us a trip to McDonald's Playland. We treated ourselves to Panda Express instead of McDonald's. The kids got some Transformer toy and some girly bobble head doll. For some reason, the kids still love the stupid little toys, and they especially love the playland.

Hailey has the cutest blue eyes in the world. She was done with pictures by the time we got to her pictures, but we still got a couple of cute ones. We want to have my sister Stacey retake her pictures so that we can get some better ones.

Here is our beautiful, wonderful, happy family

This is Hailey's true smile.


  1. I LOVE your picture! We are waiting for Landon to get a little bigger and then we will get onE! Oh and you know I would have totally monitored the other night, I miss that convenience so much! The kids look adorable as well in their pics! Looks like you are doing great! Miss you:)

  2. Wow- those are the cutest pictures. Where did you get them done? Your little girl has grown up a ton! She is just beautiful! That's awesome that Cory can ride a bike! So fun!

  3. We had the pictures taken at Target in Fort Union.

  4. Very nice pics. I feel like I didn't really get to know your little girl very well since she was sleeping when we came over. I love how they positioned you guys for the family pic. Its a very nice shot of everyone!