Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer Fun 2009

So, we have been very busy this summer. At the beginning of July we went to my extended Goodman family's reunion up in Rexburg, ID. After a couple of days there, just my family headed on over to Yellowstone for a day, and then camped in a beautiful campground in Grand Tetons National Park. Then a couple weekends later, we spent a couple nights at Trent's family's condo up in East Canyon and spend the days fishing, swimming, hiking, playing miniature golf, shuffleboard (Cory loves it!), and more swimming.

We have spent several days each week this summer at our pool here in the complex where we live. Cory can swim from the short end of the pool to the other with no floaties now! Several weeks ago we took the family to a drive-in movie and set up a nice bed for the kids in the back of our Mazda Tribute. We saw "Transformers" and the new Star Trek movie. And then yesterday, we took the family to Lagoon Amusement Park here in Davis County for a fun, but very exhausting day. Sophie did great--Hailey and Cory had a blast and rode many of the "kiddie rides" SEVERAL times. Tuesday was a great day to go to Lagoon--the longest lines were only 10-15 minutes and the kiddie ride lines were practicially no wait at all. I'll post pictures of Lagoon later, but here's some from our earlier vacation.

This is Hailey and Cory at the 4th of July Parade in Rexburg, ID.

Grandpa, Hailey, Karen with Sophie, and Cory watching the Parade.

Grandpa helping me out with a sleeping Sophie, since Trent still had to work. He joined us a couple days into our trip and met us in Rexburg.

Hailey, Jacob Shaw, and Kylie Walker at the Bone's house in Rexburg, ID.

All the cousins laughing their heads off during one of the skits we acted out of our ancestors' stories.

A bison in the middle of the road in Yellowstone National Park. July 6, 2009.

One of the hot springs in Yellowstone Park.

Trent with the kids in Yellowstone. (Yeah!! He finally joined us!)

Cory, Hailey, and Karen with Sophie at Yellowstone.

Hailey plugging her nose while walking all around one of the biggest hot springs at Yellowstone in the Lower Basin. (We did not tell her to plug her nose--she just told us it stunk!)

Old Faithful erupting. We waited over an hour for our front row seat.

A much-needed ice cream break in the huge lodge right behind Old Faithful. In this picture, you can see Sophie reaching for my cone.

I took this picture from our car driving to our campsite in Grand Teton National Park. Gorgeous!

The view on our hike around part of Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park.

Just a portion of us that went on the Jenny Lake hike. You can see me in the bottom left corner under the tree nursing Sophie.

Trent had Hailey in the backpack. I carried Sophie in the front baby carrier. We could only go a little over 2 miles on this hike because...well, we were carrying children. Not like the 18 mile hike we did 2 summers ago up Timpanogos Mountain in Utah County.

Hailey camping and eating s'mores.

This was Hailey's costume (Fairy-in-training) for our family reunion's movies that we made. She absolutely LOVED it and didn't want to take it off when we were done filming.


  1. yay! What fun times! Glad you guys are enjoying your summer!!!

  2. I love that lodge at Yellowstone!! That is a great pic of the bison. Fun to see all your family. And I KNEW we should have gone to the Tetons last summer - what a gorgeous picture at Jenny Lake!