Friday, April 24, 2009

How Do All You Amazing Moms Do It?

Okay, this is just going to be a journal entry--no pictures. (Not normal for me.) First of all, I just spent the last half an hour looking at most of your blogs, and I just have to say, you are all amazing women! It seems like half of you are selling your own creations, and the other half are just busy doing creative, fun things with your kids all the time. I am so overwhelmed with the physical aspects of caring for children right now, I haven't read a new book in months (for those of you that know what an AVID reader I used to be, that is a very big deal!), I have to plan WAY ahead just to be able to go running only 3 times a week for 25 minutes, and I have to stay up until midnight just to fold my laundry and clean my kitchen. Maybe it's because I have 3 kids now, and that is so much more time-consuming than two--esepcially since Hailey is in that needy 2-year-old stage (she is still really hard for us to understand and she's not talking NEARLY what she should be at this age), and of course, I have a 2 month old that is still pretty fussy from 6pm-11pm or later. Trent's work schedule is killing me because he's gone from noon until past midnight. That means for Sophie's most fussy time, I am home alone trying to make dinner, feed children, clean and straighten the house, bathe children, read them stories, put them to bed, all while trying to nurse and carry around a fussy infant! In Sophie's defense, after she is fussy all night, she sleeps for 7-9 hours at night without waking up at all! She's been doing that since she was a month old, so I know I am very blessed in that area. I think if she wasn't doing that, I would be on meds by now. At least I'm getting my sleep at night! I used to spend my spare time at night doing digital scrapbooking, making hair bows, and reading my latest book. Not anymore!! I can't remember the last time I did any of those things! But I know this time is short-lived, and soon, Sophie will be going to bed at the same time as my other kids, and maybe, just maybe I'll have an hour or two to myself at night that doesn't involve scrubbing poop out of clothes or cleaning my bathroom.

You are all such great examples to me because most of you have at least 3 kids, but a lot of you have 4 or more! Seriously, how do you not go insane?!?!?

The reason I even had time to check my blog tonight is because Sophie miraculously fell asleep by 10:00 and now it's 11:45. So off, to bed I must go. Goodnight, to you amazing women.


  1. Karen you are also one of those amazing women you are speaking about. You just don't see all that you are doing because you are in the middle of it. Things will slow down and you'll forget all about this time.

  2. Karen,

    Okay so you have to go and read what you just wrote and realize how amazing you really are!! All the things you are doing to clean clothes, feed kids, bathe them, snuggle them etc is amazing in itself. You are probably still a pretty calm mom too which I always looked up to you for. You are right, the only way I get stuff done is at night or during naps! When they are awake I am busy doing all those things as well:) Hang in there hun, we all have our struggles and trust me mine are many:) You will get a handle on it and soon be able to do the things you love again, but don't ever forget the things you are doing everyday with your kiddos are the most are amazing! I miss you tons too and I want to talk to you. I have lost your number so shoot me an email with your contact info again so I we can catch up! Take care sweetie!

  3. Hey there - Boy your entry sounds so familiar! Three kids and a husband not home in the evenings is tough stuff. I have occasionally read blogs and then gotten discouraged that I wasn't doing enough, however then I looked at my own and I've only blogged about the fun stuff - which doesn't happen every day or every week for that matter. Most of the time - especially right after I had Tanner - I was in survival mode. Didn't take any pics of the messy house, the kids tantruming or blog about the choice words I muttered under my breath :). Hang in there - you are amazing and you have great kids! We all have our struggles - they just don't always show up on our blogs :)

  4. You are pretty amazing yourself Karen. Hope things are well. When things get more settled down for you guys, we'll need to get together again. :)

  5. I think I posted a post almost identical to that one about a year ago. Every mom I read on blogs promptly had all the (last year) Easter pictures up like THAT day. I hadn't posted pictures for, lets say awhile - and I felt like a SUB par mom, let me tell you. And I have had more poo experiences in my life that I care to think of. One this morning, in fact. And its all very understandable when your husband has such a crazy schedule - because it feels like you are in single mom mode. I have been there -its VERY stressful. I am so glad your baby sleeps through the night - makes a huge difference I agree.

    Hang in there! I know MANY a mom who can relate, including myself - that can relate!

  6. Karen,
    Don't know if you'll even see this comment since it's an old post, but I'll say something anyway--
    I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog and read this entry. I feel the same way, like I am not doing anything compared to everyone else out there; I'm just surviving. Thanks Becky for your comment about our "sunshine-y" blogs that skip the bad stuff (I know I am guilty of that!) Anyway, I know you're doing a great job and it's so hard with a new baby to get anything fun done. Good luck to you and it was good to see what you're up to!