Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Fun

Nothing has changed with us. We are still living in my sister's basement in Layton. We've had a couple more job interviews, but still no job. Trent is still applying to several jobs each week. But I really don't want to talk about that right now, so on to the fun stuff! (On a good note, I am 6 months pregnant now and it's going really well.)

Here are the kids right before trick-or-treating. Cory was an army man and Hailey was a fairy. That's Hailey's cheesy smile--she does it every time we tell her to say cheese.

These are Cory's Shaw cousins that we are living with right now. They also have a 9 month old baby who's not in the picture. They sure had fun all together on Halloween!

Hailey had no problem putting her hands in the pumpkin goo.

Cory loved carving jack-o-lanterns. That's his older cousin, Rachel in the background.

This is how many people are living in one house right now! (Trent is taking the picture. )
Yes, that would be 11 people. At least there are 5 bedrooms!

Hailey at our ward Halloween party.

Hailey and Cory at the party.

Cory pointing to which pumpkin he wants at a local pumpkin patch.

This is Hailey at the Pumpkin patch. It was very windy and we were freezing by the end! (We had to wait in line for 40 minutes just to get on the tractor to go to the pumpkins.)


  1. Hey Karen, I need your email address that you sign into blogger with! I love the costumes the kids look soo great! We really miss you guys, really! I wish that I could talk to you, I miss talking to you! Don't worry about the job thing, keep your head up alot of people are praying for you and it will happen when it is suppose too:) What exactly is his job title? I will look out here by me:):):)! Laura

  2. Hey Karen and Trent! Your kids look really adorable in their costumes. And I can't believe how big Cory is! Glad your family has a blog. :)

  3. Hi Karen! Your kids are adorable. I love their costumes! Congratulations on another baby girl! I had you on my mind thinking about if you knew what you were having yet so I checked out your blog! I had a feeling before I read it that it might be a GIRL! I'm so happy for you and your family! How are you feeling? Write when you get a free moment!