Thursday, September 4, 2008

Extreme Broadway

So, Karen may have mentioned that her family did an extreme broadway production for the last family reunion. Karen's brother had recorded the whole thing, but his kids recorded over parts of the production, so I told him I would burn the copy I have and send it to him. To make a long story short, all of my blank DVDs are in storage from our big move into Stephanie and Zach's house in Layton so I am going to post them on our blog and hope that he can download them onto his computer. Anyway, you are welcome to watch, but it is a little lengthy. I would particularly suggest finding Karen in her Hairspray debut. She is so "HOT." I think it is the 7th video (after the cute little dance number). FYI: This is not the whole show. My camera ran out of juice during the last 15ish minutes so this is all I have. If you watch the whole thing, you must be really bored, but I hope you enjoyed it. (Karen will be mad if I don't mention that she IS wearing a lot of extra padding. Not that it isn't totally obvious since she is normally stick skinny.)

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